12 Disney Advent Calendars That Bring The Magic Home

Ultimate List of Disney Advent Calendars for Kids & Adults

Advent calendars are a terrific gift idea for anyone who starts counting down to Christmas early. I love to both give them as gifts…and treat myself!

There are a wide variety of options if you’re looking for Disney advent calendars. My list showcasing the best 2023 Disney advent calendars includes option for for adults and kids, so all ages can delight in the magic of Disney and counting down to Christmas!

You’ll find advent calendars featuring classic Disney characters, Pixar favorites, Star Wars icons, and more!

Read on to find the 2023 Disney advent calendars that will bring joy to you or anyone on your holiday gift list!


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Ultimate List of Disney Advent Calendars:


Classic Disney Advent Calendars


disney advent

Classic Disney Advent Calendar

A Disney advent calendars option you can use year after year! Start off the season with all the tiles flipped to the number side and slowly reveal the picture day by day. I love that this features all the classic Disney characters and it makes a beautiful home decoration.  | Buy From Target




disney doorables

Disney Doorables Advent Calendar

The award for most adorable Disney advent calendars goes to this option!! I cannot get over how stinking cute these little figurines are. Open up a door each day to reveal a surprise Disney character!  | Buy From Target




disney princess advent

Disney Princess Advent Calendar

This Disney princess advent calendar is precious! It includes 4 Disney princesses, 5 friends, and 16 accessories. Your little princess will have so much fun discovering a new toy behind each window!  | Buy From Amazon





disney advent

Disney Puzzle Advent Calendar

A creative Disney advent calendar that provides a challenge for 12 days! This unique option includes 11 mini puzzles shaped like ornaments and one bigger puzzle shaped like a christmas tree!  | Buy From Target







The Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar

Fans of this cult classic movie will adore revisiting Halloween Town as they decorate a ghastly tree with 25 ornaments hidden in compartments inside the book. There is also a 28 page softcover book with fun facts and stories about the Pumpkin King and his townsfolk.  | Buy From Target





disney funko

Disney Funko Advent Calendar

If you’re a Funko fan, this Disney version is perfect for you! Find 24 Disney characters – Funko style inside this cute advent calendar! I personally love that each figurine has a touch of Christmas cheer, whether it’s a colorful scarf or Christmas lights!  | Buy From Amazon




Pixar Advent Calendars




Cars Advent Calendar

We’ve bought the new version of this each year for my son! He adores discovering a new piece of track or a Cars character each day leading up to Christmas. At less than $20 this is also a fantastic price!!  | Buy From Amazon



dory advent

Finding Nemo Advent Calendar

Another Disney advent calendars option you can use over and over each year! Start off the season with all the tiles flipped to the number side and slowly reveal the picture day by day. Any kids or adults who love Finding Nemo will be charmed by this sweet decoration.  | Buy From Target




Star Wars Advent Calendars




star wars galactic advent

Star Wars Galactic Advent Calendar

Enjoy a small trinket each time you open a compartment! Filled with 25 small gifts that Star Wars fans will treasure, this is a great low cost Star Wars advent calendar option!  | Buy From Target




star wars pop up

Star Wars / Life Day Pop Up Advent Calendar

Decorate a 13in pop up Christmas tree with 25 Star Wars ornaments hidden in compartments inside the book. There is also a 28 page softcover book sharing more information about the Wookiee holiday – Life Day!  | Buy From Target




lego star wars

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

The classic Lego advent calendar is here! I love that there are so many Lego Disney advent calendars to choose from. This has a variety of characters and vehicles to build, set against a festive backdrop!  | Buy From Target




star wars funko

Star Wars Funko Advent Calendar

Just like the option listed earlier on this list of Disney advent calendars, the Star Wars Funko advent calendar is a fun, festive Funko fan gift! 24 Star Wars characters are ready for the holidays!  | Buy From Amazon



Which one of these 2023 Disney advent calendars would you want?

If you need additional gift ideas, check out my ultimate list of advent calendars for adults



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