Lovelight Farms Series: Your Ultimate Guide To The 4 Books!

Discover everything you need to know about the Lovelight Farms series by B.K. Borison!!

Since the first book, Lovelight Farms, came out in 2021, this small town romance series has taken romance readers by storm!

I first noticed the Lovelight Farms series last year due to the absolutely adorable book covers! I loved how each book represents a different season and the covers reflect them perfectly.

I flew through each of these books, so I’m hoping you’ll fall in love with them just like I did!

Within this post, you’ll find a summary of the Lovelight Farms series order as well as a deep dive into each book (summary, my review, included tropes). The fourth book is coming out in early 2024, so I’ll tell you what to expect! Hint hint – you’re going to want to preorder it!

I’m also answering a few Lovelight Farms series order FAQs at the end and sharing my overall thoughts to help you decide if these books are right for you!



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Lovelight Farms Series Order (Summary)

To start off short and sweet, the Lovelight Farms series order is listed below. While it’s not absolutely vital, I recommend reading them in order so you don’t end up spoiling anything!



Lovelight Farms Series Order (Book Summaries)

Now that you know the Lovelight Farms series order, let’s get into more detail about each book. Included below is a short summary of each book in the Lovelight Farms series, my opinion and star rating, and the tropes you’ll find in each! 



lovelight farms

Lovelight Farms (Book 1)

My Star Rating: 5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.04

Romance Tropes Included: Friends To Lovers, Fake Dating

Book Summary: With her Christmas tree farm literally falling down around her, Stella makes a last ditch effort for a much needed influx of cash by attempting to win a social media contest. Unfortunately, that means finding a pretend boyfriend since she mayyyy have lied on the application. 

Enter Luka – Stella’s best (and very platonic) friend. She’s been in love with him for years, but couldn’t survive losing his friendship so she’ll take a week of pretending instead. Luka has other ideas, though. He’s finally given a chance to explore his feelings for Stella and she has to decide if love is worth the risk!

 My Review: I felt like I was cheesy grinning the whole way through this book!! It’s a delight any time of year but absolute perfection around Christmas. I could so easily picture myself walking among the trees of the farm or stepping foot into the bakery. I truly got lost in the setting and it made the book all that much more enjoyable!

I also ate up the way these two tip-toed around their feelings for each other. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and this is one of the best versions of it!









in the weeds

In The Weeds (Book 2)

My Star Rating: 4.5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.01

Romance Tropes Included: One Night Stand, Different Backgrounds, “Celebrity” Romance

Book Summary: The last person Beckett expects to see on his farm is they mysterious Evie… He hasn’t been able to get her out of his head, but she left without a trace after two nights together. After she features Lovelight Farms on her social media account, she disappears again without word.

Months later, Evie is struggling to find meaning in her influencer work and decides to head back to the last place she was happy…Lovelight Farms and the small town of Inglewild. When Beckett finds her stranded without a room, he offers up his large cabin to stay.

These two are undeniably attracted to each other, but her life is traveling the world and his is a mostly solitary life on the farm. He’s convinced he’s not good enough for her and she can’t get her purpose in life figured out. 


 My Review: I adored getting to know Beckett better! He’s such a caring, silent type who will do literally anything for his friends and family but needs someone to care for him. Evie is the perfect balm for his lonely soul. It was so satisfying watching her draw him out and show him his worth – while he helped her discover where she belonged!








mixed signals

Mixed Signals (Book 3)

My Star Rating:  5 Stars       Goodreads Rating: 4.15

Romance Tropes Included: Cinnamon Roll Hero, Small Town Romance, Practice Dating

Book Summary: In Layla’s story, Lovelight Farm’s resident baker is ready to give up on love. She’s surrounded by the happiest couples all day and wonders when she’s ever going to find the kind of relationship that her friends get to experience. When former local cop, Caleb, takes her by surprise one evening, they start to commiserate over their dating woes. In a half-joke, half-serious suggestion, Caleb wonders if they can help each other out.

So begins a month long experiment to help each other get better at dating. Caleb tends to fall too hard, too fast and Layla needs to learn she’s worthy of a guy’s full attention and thoughtfulness. The attraction between them is undeniable, but as the end of the month approaches, they’re struggling to figure out what’s real and what’s for show. 

 My Review: It’s impossible to read this book without a snack nearby haha! There are scrumptious descriptions of Layla’s baked goods throughout…and although the sweet scent/taste comparisons got a little heavy handed at times, I can’t resist a good baking love story!

It was so much fun reading about a guy who falls too quickly! He was in way over his head and clearly didn’t know how to handle it. Caleb was incredibly adorable as he showed up for Layla in all the ways she needed. 







business casual

Business Casual (Book 4) – Coming June 2024

My Star Rating: TBD       Goodreads Rating: TBD

Romance Tropes Included: TBD

Book Summary: From the publisher: Nova Porter isn’t looking for love, and she certainly has no explanation for her attraction to buttoned-up, three-piece-suit-wearing investment banker Charlie Milford. Maybe it’s his charm? Or maybe it’s his determination to help her fledgling business however he can. Either way, she’s distracted every time he’s around. With her new tattoo studio set to open in her hometown of Inglewild, she doesn’t have time for frivolous flirtations.

In an effort to get Charlie out of her system once and for all, Nova offers a proposition. One night. No strings. They’ll kick their uncomfortable attraction to the curb and return to their respective responsibilities. But their explosive night together scatters their expectations like fallen leaves. And with Charlie in town as the temporary head of Lovelight Farms, Nova can’t quite avoid him.

And Charlie? Well, Charlie knows a good investment when he sees one. He’s hoping he can convince Nova he’s worth some of her time.

 My Review: I’ll update this as soon as I get my hands on a copy!!






Lovelight Farms Series Order – FAQs


Who wrote the Lovelight Farms Series?

B.K. Borison is the author of this sweet and spicy series! These are her first published books, which is insanely impressive! She knocked it out of the park on her first go-round. She lives in Baltimore with her husband, toddler, and dog.


How is the Lovelight Farms Series connected?

The Lovelight Farms series centers around 3 friends and business partners, Stella, Beckett, and Layla. These three work together to run Lovelight Farms. Stella is mostly responsible for the vision and business side, Layla runs the bakery, and Beckett handles the farming operations. 


How spicy is the Lovelight Farms Series?

Each book contains explicit sex scenes, so these books are pretty spicy! The steam is definitely not the focus of the book, but there are a few scenes in each novel so it’s found throughout the whole series. Each of these novels has a similar spice level. 


Is the Lovelight Farms series part of Kindle Unlimited?

Currently no, however it has been in the past! Keep an eye out to see if it returns at some point. Books tend to come and go from the subscription so there’s a solid chance it’ll be included again at some point! Currently, you can get 30 days free or 2 months for just $4.99

Plus, once you sign up you can read all these other incredible romance books for free!

If you prefer physical books, I recommend getting them from Target since they’re often on sale for around $10! 



Lovelight Farms Series – Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this whole series for literally everyone. It has charm, spice, quirky characters, nosy neighbors, laugh out loud moments, and a thread of tenderness and deep love connecting it all.

There is something for everyone with both the types of tropes and the spice level. B.K. Borison captures the essence of a small town incredibly well. I dare you to not want to move there yourself!

I can’t wait to hear what you think if you decide to read these books! Let us know in the comments!


Have you read the Lovelight Farms series yet?

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