Read It And Eat Subscription Box Review

A Complete Read It and Eat Subscription Box Review: Everything You Need To Know

Are you trying to determine if the Read It And Eat Subscription box is right for you or the perfect gift for a loved one? I’m sharing everything you need to know!

Included in this review are details about pricing, what’s included in the box, book choices, customer service, and more!

Read It and Eat is a book subscription box made for foodies! They offer two food-focused subscription options, which guarantees you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with them.

The classic Read It and Eat box features a different foodie theme each quarter and allows you to pick either a fiction or nonfiction book. The Blind Date With A Book box is a paired down version and lets you pick a specific genre. I’ll give more details about each option, but the bulk of this Read It And Eat review will focus on the Blind Date With A Book subscription!

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*Disclosure – I received a complimentary box to review but all opinions are my own!


read it and eat subscription box review


Read It And Eat Subscription Box Review


Read It And Eat is a unique subscription box that combines your love of food and books! They offer two subscription options so I’ll share information on each type below:

Classic Read It And Eat Box

The full size Read It and Eat box is a quarterly subscription that includes a nonfiction or fiction book and multiple foodie finds all focused on a certain theme. Past themes include mushrooms, Korean food, and cheese as an example! The themes are often specific foods or types of cuisine.

The nonfiction book is typically a memoir featuring a chef with a connection to the theme. The fiction books are a bit more varied, which means you’ll get a lot of variety from quarter to quarter. 



Blind Date With a Book Box

This option is great for more price-conscious consumers or readers who are interested in specific genres. I personally got to try the romance option since that’s by far my preferred genre!

Within this box, you’ll receive a new book in the genre of your choice and a snack, baked good, or other type of food to go along with the book!


read it and eat



The Read It And Eat box is available for $60 and ships once per quarter. However, if you commit to 4 quarters, the price drops to only $50 per box!

The Blind Date With a Book box is available for $30 and ships once per quarter. However, again if you commit to 4 quarters you’ll save money and get each box for only $25!

If you’re looking for extra savings, you can find both of these boxes on Cratejoy! I’ve often found additional coupon codes or sales on that site that can help you save a bit of money when you’re buying a subscription!


What’s Included

The Read It And Eat box provides an immersive culinary experience, with a book and various items based around a central theme. 

I received the Blind Date With A Book box and found it was the perfect mix of a book and something to snack on at a price point I’d be comfortable paying regularly.

Inside my Blind Date With A Book box was Kiss Her Once For Me paired with a stroopwafel! I also received a second box featuring Varina Palladino’s Jersey Italian Love Story paired with a wasabi snack mix.

These are full size snacks, not just a few bites! I loved the variety since you never know if you’ll find something sweet or savory. I was also impressed to find Kiss Her Once For Me, a popular romance novel I’d been dying to read!



Customer Service

Since this is a small business, the customer service is direct and simple. They have a contact form on their website with a simple form you can fill out with any questions or concerns.


Overall Thoughts

With the plethora of bookish subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to find one at a great price that gives you exactly what you’re looking for. Read It and Eat accomplishes that perfectly with their two tiers of boxes.

I personally love the Blind Date With A Book option since you can pick a fiction genre and one snack is all I need! This subscription would be a fun “treat” for yourself or would make a great gift option for friends and family!

Don’t forget to check out Cratejoy for additional sales to save even more!



Will you be trying this subscription box based on my Read It And Eat Subscription Box review?

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