Baking Bucket List

In February 2018, I put together a list of 25 baked goods I’d like to attempt to make within a year (or so). Every few months, I’ll update the list and write about my attempts. Hopefully they’ll all turn out perfectly, but we all know the real world of baking doesn’t work like that 🙂 See below for my list and update posts!

Update #1 – March 20, 2018

Update #2 – April 10, 2018

Update #3 – May 9, 2018

Update #4 – June 6, 2018 

Update #5 – December 17, 2018

Update #6 – March 18, 2019

Baking Bucket List:


  1. Croissants
  2. Pizza Dough
  3. Baguette (or similar type of fancy French bread)
  4. Biscuits
  5. Scones
  6. Irish Soda Bread
  7. Monkey Bread



  1. Montgomery Pie (Grandma’s recipe)
  2. Frosted layer cake (so I can use my icing tools!)
  3. Tarte Tatin (French apple pastry)
  4. Flourless chocolate cake
  5. Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes
  6. Pumpkin streusel cheesecake
  7. Bundt cake
  8. Mary Berry’s Walnut Layer Cake



  1. Kiffles (a local specialty, but they’re so expensive to buy!)
  2. Iced sugar cookies (A Christmas classic that I’ve never made – time to use those cookie cutters)
  3. Millionaire’s Shortbread (the classic British recipe uses shortbread, caramel, and chocolate – but I might throw some peanut butter in there…)
  4. Oatmeal butterscotch cookies (mainly to use up those butterscotch chips I purchased ages ago)
  5. Gingerbread (cookies or house is TBD)



  1. Crème Brulee (I’ve had the custard ramekins for ages…)
  2. Macarons (technically I’ve made these already, but I want to go at it properly with food coloring, almond extract, and fancy icing)
  3. Meat pies (this seems to be a staple of every Great British Baking Show season)
  4. Peanut Brittle (I finally purchased a candy thermometer for this purpose)
  5. Profiterole (cream puff) dipped in chocolate of course