What I’m Loving Lately – March 2018

My husband was away for 10 days on a work trip this month, so I spent a third of March by myself! Luckily friends and family (and books) came to the rescue to keep me occupied. Lots to share so read on!  I’m linking up with the lovely Leigh Kramer to share what we’re into this month.


TV Shows

Younger – Ok ok, I already watched all four seasons, but I’m starting again from the beginning. This is what happens when I’m left alone. #TeamCharles

No ActivityA Hulu ad actually convinced us to try this show. It’s an Australian comedy about two cops assigned to lookout for criminal activity. The title is literally them checking in to say nothing’s happening. Dry humor at it’s finest. 

Top Chef – Finally finished Season 14! I am thrilled to see Brooke take the title. Love her. 



The Fellowship of the RingWe decided to rewatch the extended edition of the Lord of the Rings. That means all of the movies are at least three hours long, so we’re splitting each into two viewing sessions.   d

The Two TowersWe watched the first disc last Friday night. I was literally falling asleep toward the end at 9:45pm, so the second part will have to wait until April ha!


Check out my latest reading roundup post here! Now I’m currently reading:




Grandpa’s 90th Birthday – To celebrate my grandpa’s birthday, my aunt gathered his friends and family for a baseball themed party. It was wonderful spending the day with family that we haven’t seen in a while. 

Two Snow Days! – It’s March, but winter is holding on with a vengeance. A nor’easter dumped 8 inches of snow on us one Wednesday and then 9 inches two weeks later. That meant extra WFH days in the middle of the week!

Jersey Boys – My parents bought us tickets to see the touring version of the Broadway show for Christmas. I’m amazed they can find an actor / singer who sounds exactly like Frankie Valli. The show is simply phenomenal. 

Visiting Home – With Jay in Italy, I spent a full weekend at home with my parents. Usually we make shorter trips, so I loved spending three nights with them. Plus, my mom and I stopped by The Pennsylvania Bakery! I literally gasped when I walked inside. So. Many. Desserts!

Book Date at Panera – Faced with no plans for a Friday night, I decided to take Beartown to Panera for dinner and drinks : ) I’m normally not a fan of eating out by myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed being out of the house for a bit. I was also shamefully eavesdropping on a first date near me! So adorable. 

What I’m Loving

Recent Reads – I finished two books in March that I’m dying for everyone to read: Beartown and The Hate You Give. I’m begging to discuss these with anyone! 

Bundt Pan My Baking Bucket List challenge is in full swing and I crossed off a few items in March. I realized I need to start using my bundt pan more often. It creates gorgeous cakes without much effort. No icing, glaze, or extra decorations required.   

Dining Room Table – Jay built us a new table! I told him what design I wanted, he worked some magic in the garage, and now we have a new table! Next up are more bookcases – the amount of books on our floors is out of control…


Trip Planning – An unexpected change in Jay’s work schedule meant I’ll be able to tag along to Charleston in May. I immediately went into planning mode. In less than a week I booked my flights and created a list of sights to see!


What were you loving in March?

*I earn a tiny commission for any products purchased through the links included above. Thank you so much for supporting my reading habit.


  1. I am also a big fan of my bundt pan–a great tool for making this mediocre baker appear to be somewhat skilled!
    Thanks for sharing all your reads. I organized my existing book cases this winter, and it made such a big difference in being able to find and enjoy my books. Hope you get your bookcases soon!

  2. Eating out with by myself with a book is my absolute favorite thing. It almost never happens now that I am a SAHM, and I miss it. And Beartown is an awesome date, I loved that book.

    Your dining table is gorgeous!

  3. I’m looking forward to binging Younger when it’s complete. My parents (which still surprises me) got us hooked on Hart of Dixie, so that’s our current obsession. And I always have The Office on standby if I need something to make me laugh.

    Love the dining table!!

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