What I’m Loving Lately – May 2019

Oh what a busy month of May! The time seemed to fly by since we had lots of things planned during the weeks and weekends packed with trips, events, and visitors.  Head over to See You In A Porridge on Thursday for more monthly recaps from other bloggers.


TV Shows

The Bachelorette – Guilty pleasure time! This is one of my favorite shows to watch whenever Jay’s not around 🙂 He’ll actually leave the room if I turn it on, but I just get sucked into it and can’t stop watching!

Game of Thrones – Oh Game of Thrones. It’s with such mixed emotions that we said goodbye. This show has been a part of our relationship since we first started dating, so I’m sad to see it end. However, the past few seasons weren’t up to standard and resulted in a lot of disappointment. While this season had some beautiful shots and memorable scenes, overall it just didn’t make a lot of sense.



Braveheart – This movie is so long but so amazing. We spread it out over two nights during Memorial Day weekend, since I can’t stay up past 9 anymore.

Life of the Party – I’m usually a fan of Melissa McCarthy’s movies, but we started watching this one night and only made it halfway through.


Check out my latest reading roundup here! I’m currently reading:



Bridal Shower – I helped plan a taco themed bridal shower for my friend getting married in June! It was a joyful afternoon spent celebrating her, playing games, and enjoying the food.

Walk for Preeclampsia – One of our friends asked us to support her in raising awareness for preeclampsia and we were excited to participate! On a Saturday morning, we gathered at a local park for a mile long walk and recognition of donors and those affected by the condition.

Connor’s First Visit to Church – We’ve mostly been watching our church service online from home, but early in May we finally ventured to church with Connor in tow! Our church has a designated area just outside the sanctuary where you can sit in comfortable chairs and watch the service without worrying about disturbing anyone. Luckily though, Connor slept through the whole thing 🙂

Connecticut Vacation – Out first family weekend getaway was to the coast of Connecticut. I just posted the full trip review so you can read all the details.

What I’m Loving

Graco Jogging Stroller – I spent many hours trying to decide which stroller to purchase and I’m so happy now that I picked this jogging stroller. It folds up incredibly easily and the large wheels handle uneven roads and sidewalks like a breeze.

Handy Library App – When I got a new phone earlier this year, I lost the app that contained my entire book collection. So, Memorial Day weekend I decided to reorganize and rescan everything. So far, the Handy Library app is working quite well to keep track of all our books.

Book of the Month – I can’t wait to read my pick for June’s Book of the Month. I chose Elin Hilderbrand’s new novel, Summer of ’69! You can get your first book free with my referral link 🙂


What were you loving in May?

Here’s what I was loving in April!


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  1. Life of the Party was terrible. Chernobyl got too graphic for me one night (dead pets) and my husband put on the first funny more he came across in the queue. I think we watched half of it? Seriously bad.

    1. Ooh we are thinking of watching Chernobyl! Thanks for the warning. It might be a daytime show for me…

  2. I totally agree on both the Bachelorette (so excited!!!) and on the final season of Game of Thrones… it felt so rushed and not like the other seasons at all! I’m sad it is over.

  3. it’s been a looooong time since i’ve seen braveheart, might have to rewatch it soon. i will skip the Melissa McCarthy one. sometimes she is hit or miss for me too. the taco bar looks so fun! i’ve skipped the last couple of BOTM books, nothing has jumped out at me, or i had already read them lol.

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