What I’m Loving Lately – June 2019

June was CRAZY!! We had so many big life things going on: Connor started daycare, I went back to work part – time, and I was the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding. Phew, I must admit I loved this month but I’m also glad it’s over.

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TV Shows

The Bachelorette – Guilty pleasure time! This is one of my favorite shows to watch whenever Jay’s not around. He’ll actually leave the room if I turn it on, but I just get sucked into it and can’t stop watching! I’m going with Peter as the front-runner? Who do you think Hannah will pick?

Younger – THRILLED Younger is back. Can we talk about how much I loved the first scene of the season 😉 I need to play catch up now, though.

The Bold Type – This show continues to hit all the hot button social topics. It gets a bit annoying as they play the game of “how many current issues can we fit into one season” since they don’t always mesh together very well. I get it, you’re a super liberal in NYC. However, I still love the drama and will keep watching as long as they make new episodes!


Tombstone – When Jay suggested this Western, I rolled my eyes and assumed I would hate it (yea, it gets annoying living with me I’m sure 🙂 ) To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the movie! Val Kilmer delivers terrific lines as Doc Holliday and the based on real life story is actually pretty interesting.

A Star is Born – Wow!! We finally got around to watching this since it popped up on HBO. I was blown away by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performances. The dialogue felt authentic and the songs are incredible. I’m eager to watch the older versions now, too.

Love, Simon – I’m late to this party, but I finally got around to reading the book. Since it was sweet and touching and everything you hope for in YA, I figured I’d watch the movie too. Although they changed some things around, they stuck well to the overall message of the book and I thought it was well done.


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Wedding – My friend got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the Poconos. I had such a blast spending the day with my college friends and we were all so happy to celebrate with her.

Back to Work – My first few days back at work flew by in a blur. I’ll admit that I’m enjoying getting back into the work routine and seeing my friends there. I missed that daily interaction! Plus, I had a ton of things to get done so it made the days pass by quickly

Consignment Store Shopping – My mom and I discovered an amazing kids consignment store called Once Upon a Child. They had rows and rows of clothing in great shape at low prices. I picked up a ton of outfits and a toy that Connor LOVES.

Daycare – Connor is going to daycare three days a week, since I dropped down to a slightly part time schedule. I didn’t think it would be that bad dropping him off, but oh that first day was SO HARD. I started tearing up when I handed him over then cried the whole way home!! Yikes. The second day I was completely fine haha. They have an app where they share updates about what he’s doing and pictures so that makes a huge difference in how I feel.

Board Game Battle – Jay and I are going to play every single one of our 27 board games and see who comes out on top! We ranked them according to difficulty and length of time it takes to play and assigned points. The winner of each game will receive the assigned points and most points at the end wins. It’ll probably take us years to complete! We haven’t decided on a prize yet. Any suggestions??

Friends Visit – Our board game friends visited one Saturday with their one year old. We managed to play two board games and go for a walk while wrangling our little ones. Success! Wingspan is a new favorite game, especially if you’re at all into birds.

What I’m Loving

Facial Wipes – I can’t always jump in the shower in the morning or right after a workout so I use these wipes frequently now. They’re incredibly refreshing.

Paper Bouquets – My friend followed my lead and used paper flowers for her wedding bouquet. I’m thrilled that we got to keep our bridesmaid bouquets. They’ll last forever and make a beautiful addition to a home.

Oriole Bird Feeder – I got this for Jay for his first Father’s Day since he loves watching our birds. We’re hoping to eventually attract orioles with this specially designed feeder. So far we discovered catbirds like the grape jelly!

Scribd – Since I’m reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks much more frequently, I renewed my Scribd subscription. You can try it for free for TWO MONTHS with my link if you’re interested. Plus, at $9/month it’s cheaper than an Audible subscription and gives you access to unlimited ebooks and audiobooks. I’m currently listening to Daisy Jones and the Six with City of Girls queued up next!

What were you loving in June?

Here’s what I was loving in May!

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    1. I am listening to it! I was surprised to find out it was all different voices. I have a feeling it’s going to be great.

  1. That sounds like a good daycare situation!

    I didn’t know Younger was back! Putting it on my to-do list…

    I really like Sutton on The Bold Type but Jane makes me want to poke my eyes and ears out, so I can hardly watch anymore.

  2. I loved the book Simon Vs. and I think they did a great job with the movie. It’s one I really need to watch again! I thought A Star is Born was amazing as well. There’s a Once Upon a Child near me – that’s awesome you found some great items for your son. I hope he’s enjoying daycare, and I’m glad that being back at work has been good so far. 🙂


  3. Your board game battle sounds like so much fun!
    I’ve heard alot about Daisy and the six – I’m so behind on my TBR list at the moment!

  4. i think i watched the first season of Younger and then fizzled out – i’ve been meaning to watch it again, it was so fun. i haven’t watched love, simon yet, i keep meaning to! i didn’t *love* the book so i’m interested to see what they changed. i keep meaning to try scribd!

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