The 8 Most Popular Posts of 2019

I just couldn’t resist one last year-end recap! But I promise from here on you’ll see lots of new content and plenty of book reviews. Coming up next week is a post I’m particularly excited to share. I’m taking a look at the most anticipated new books of winter 2020! Before we get to that though, I’m sharing Never Enough Novel’s 8 most popular posts of 2019.

I want to thank everyone who’s been reading along and commenting! This blog is such a fun outlet for me to talk books and share little updates about our life and travels. I’m grateful to all of you for sticking around! This year in particular was a banner year for my little blog. I finally purchased a new theme and upgraded my blog hosting. That allowed me to add my used bookstore and start selling my first real product – a 2020 reading tracker! I also finally invested in Tailwind, which helped explode my traffic from Pinterest. As an accountant, I should know that investing wisely is always a smart decision right??

It’s always fascinating to review which of my blog posts generate the most interest. They aren’t necessarily my favorite or the ones I spent the most time writing. The 8 most popular posts of 2019 are based strictly on blog views from January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019. The list below is ranked from most views to least views.

Let’s check out the most popular posts of 2019!

1.Popular Books That Lived Up To The Hype – This post is actually from 2018 and had double the number of views of #2 on this list! I’m always a bit skeptical of new releases that are universally loved, so I wanted to share which books are actually worth the read. Since most of these were published a few years ago, it’s probably time for a round up of newer books.

2. Top Ten World War II Books – Also published in 2018, this book list covers my favorite World War II fiction. There seems to be new WWII historical fiction every week, so this will help you weed out the best ones.

3. My Favorite Books of 2019 (so far) – I picked out my favorite books of the year at the halfway point. A few of them did end up making my Best of 2019 list! This was such a great year for fun, fascinating reads as you’ll see from the list.

4. New Book Releases I Can’t Wait to Read – I rounded up the books I was most looking forward to reading that published in the fall of 2019. Some turned out to be duds (No Judgments, Twice in a Blue Moon), but a few others were excellent (The Institute, American Royals)!



5. Peanut Butter Egg Recipe – Bet you weren’t expecting this!! I used to share more of my baking exploits on the blog and this recipe for homemade peanut butter eggs was extremely popular around Easter. They’re a family tradition and I have fond memories making them each year with my mom! This recipe is easy and they taste delicious.

6. Narrative Nonfiction Books That Read Like Fiction – Since I finally participated in Nonfiction November, I had a blast coming up with nonfiction book lists this year. This is my favorite category of nonfiction books. I want my history with a dose of drama and fast-paced storytelling.

7. Best Fiction of the Decade: The 2010’s – Not only does this blog post include my list of the best fiction from this decade, it also includes a linkup to other bloggers’ posts on this topic.

8. What to Read & Skip: September 2019 – I started writing a longer roundup of mini book reviews each month to share my recommendations of what books to read and which to skip. In September I reviewed a few new releases, including Stephen King’s The Institute and Joshilyn Jackson’s Never Have I Ever.


If you’re a blogger, what were your most popular posts this year? If you’re a reader, what was your favorite blog post?

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