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New Christmas Books of 2021

Embrace the holidays with these new Christmas books of 2021!

The winter holidays are simply the best time to curl up with a sweet romance. This book list of my most anticipated new Christmas books of 2021 is one of my favorite posts to write each year!

You’ll find primarily Christmas themed books, but also a few that focus on other holidays or are simply set during this time of year. So, you can take your pick and discover one (or two or ten!) that are perfect for you!

Enjoy this collection of new Christmas books of 2021!


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New Christmas Books of 2021


meet me in london

Meet Me In London

by Georgia Toffolo

There are hints of one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, in the first addition to this list of new Christmas books of 2021. A small business owner up against a large chain, but in the world of fashion! Victoria is devastated when a department store moves in down the street, crushing her dreams of opening a vintage clothing boutique. 

However, the owner offers an unusual arrangement. If she agrees to pose as his fake girlfriend, he’ll incorporate her designs in the store. As us romance lovers know, fake dating has a pesky way of turning into something more real!

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the matzah ball

The Matzah Ball

by Jean Meltzer

A Jewish romance writer with a secret affinity for Christmas suddenly finds her inspiration runs dry when she’s told to write a Hanukkah romance. A bit desperate, Rachel vows to attend The Matzah Ball in hopes it will spark a story. Unfortunately, this musical celebration on the last night of Hanukkah brings her face to face with her childhood nemesis.

I can’t wait to find out how Rachel balances these two holidays! Plus, who isn’t partial to a book with a character who shares their name 🙂

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a season for second chances

A Season for Second Chances

by Jenny Bayliss

Enjoy a rare Christmas novel that features a middle-age female protagonist! Annie is looking for a change, so when an opportunity to be a winter caretaker of a seaside cottage arises, it seems like a godsend.

She is charmed by her new town and neighbors, but discovers the homeowner’s nephew will be a constant thorn in her side. As the holidays approach and tensions rise, we’ll discover if a little Christmas spirit can get her through this difficult time.

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santa cruise

Santa Cruise

by Fern Michaels

If I read the words, “holiday singles cruise” in a book description, I am immediately going to buy it! Four high school friends who are now in their 30’s embark on a festive week-long cruise for a mini reunion. 

As they spend their days enjoying high-class entertainment, terrific food, and a variety of men, they end up changed in ways they never expect!

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duke actually

Duke, Actually

by Jenny Holiday

A royal wedding brings together a reckless Duke not ready to settle down and a New Yorker who’s sworn off love. With their best friends on the way to the alter, Maximillian and Dani have plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. They hit it off immediately as friends since they’re both not looking for a relationship.

The holidays can lead to all sorts of unexpected twists and turns, though. Neither of them expect what happens between them and they must decide whether to give in to real love.

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eight perfect hours

Eight Perfect Hours

by Lia Louis

This unique addition to the new Christmas books of 2021 list actually takes place throughout the year. Noelle gets stranded on a highway during a blizzard and ends up spending hours and hours with a stranger. Over the course of the next year, they flit in and out of each other’s lives by chance.

This was a fun, fateful romance – I loved seeing how Noelle and Sam kept meeting and rooting for them to get together! A great option for anyone who wants a cozy cover but prefers their stories to play out over a period of time.

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the christmas bookshop

The Christmas Bookshop

by Jenny Colgan

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new Jenny Colgan! Rather than the usual existing characters/location with added holiday flair, this year’s new release is a standalone! Plus, the cover is honestly enough reason alone to buy this one.

 Carmen is NOT looking forward to spending the holidays with her ever so perfect sister and perfect little family. Unfortunately, she’s out of a job and has no other options. To bring in some much needed cash, Carmen also agrees to take on one of her sister’s clients.

So, she’ll be attempting to revamp a dusty, disorganized bookshop. After a famous author takes a special interest in the bookshop as well, Carmen starts to realize there may be hope for her to get her life back in order.  

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the santa suit

The Santa Suit

by Mary Kay Andrews

If you’re looking for a short and sweet Christmas story, give this novella a try! A woman restoring an old farmhouse finds a beautiful Santa suit with a child’s note inside. As she tries to track down the mystery behind the little girl’s wish and whether it came true, she’s also drawn into the warm and welcoming local community.

I love the idea of a quick read that I can finish in just a day. This sounds like the perfect option for curling up with on a lazy weekend and reading cover to cover!

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always in december

Always, In December

by Emily Stone

Sometimes the new Christmas books of 2021 come with a dose of heartbreak. I can just tell that this one is going to make me sob. Always, In December sounds full of lost love and grief, but also hope and the inevitability of two people who are destined to be together.

Every December, Josie sends a letter to her parents who died years ago on Christmas night. Understandably, outside of this tradition she avoids anything to do with the holidays at all costs. Until a literal collision forces Max into her path. Their connection give Josie hope, but when the season is over, Max disappears.

Over the next year, though, Max and Josie find themselves unexpectedly popping in and out of each others lives. Can they overcome their reasons for staying apart and give in to what they both want?

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blame it on the mistletoe

Blame It On The Mistletoe

by Beth Garrod

Get ready for a Christmas swap! If you love the movie, The Holiday, you’ll adore this YA take on swapping lives over the Christmas season. Elle is a social media influencer who decides to swap lives with a normal teen in the hopes of shaking up her content. 

Holly is looking to shake things up herself after a disastrous breakup, so she goes along with this crazy plan and starts living the influencer life. Both girls are in for all sorts of surprises this holiday season, including the chance at love!

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so this is christmas

So, This Is Christmas

by Tracy Andreen

Next up on my list of the new Christmas books of 2021 is another young adult option! FInley returns to her home of Christmas, Oklahoma expecting nothing to have changed while she was in boarding school. Instead, her world is in upheaval. 

Plus, the boy she tricked into believing Christmas, OK was a holiday paradise is unexpectedly there. Finley realizes she’ll have to give him the holiday fantasy land she promised. 

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If this collection of new Christmas books of 2021 isn’t enough, don’t miss last year’s new Christmas books as well!


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