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12 New Christmas Books of 2022

Embrace the holidays with these new Christmas books of 2022!

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The winter holidays are simply the best time to curl up with a sweet romance. This book list of my most anticipated new Christmas books of 2022 is one of my favorite posts to write each year!

You’ll find primarily Christmas themed books, but also a few that focus on other holidays or are simply set during this time of year. So, you can take your pick and discover one (or two or ten!) that are perfect for you!

While most of these new Christmas books of 2022 have a minimal amount of steam, but I absolutely adored one with LOTS of spicy scenes so keep an eye out for it!

Enjoy this collection of new Christmas books of 2022!


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New Christmas Books of 2022



meet me

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

by Jenny Bayliss

A friend’s wedding brings a London bookshop owner back home to the countryside for a weekend filled with unexpected twists and turns. Nory has happily built up her life in London with no thought for the preppy classmates she grew up with. Until she’s forced to become one of them again at the castle her friends rented out.

Little does she know the castle’s gardner is a boy (now man!) who she used to despise. Isaac has no love for the snobby rich kids either, and they end up finding common ground…and something more. But the pressures of life may not allow them to explore what they could become.

Jenny Bayliss is one of my go-to holiday authors, so I cannot wait to get into her latest new Christmas books of 2022!

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merry little

A Merry Little Meet Cute

by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone 

I am so excited to read this unique take on the classic “Hallmark” movie. Don’t expect a sweet, squeaky clean romance! Not when a plus sized adult film start takes center stage. Bee agrees to do her friend a favor and star in a family-friendly holiday rom-com, but things heat up quickly when she discovers her co-star is her childhood boy band crush!

The only problem is they have to keep their liaisons under wrap from the movie execs. If anyone finds out what they’re doing, they’ll be kicked off the set faster than they can find their clothes!

This was SO FUN and SO SPICY! That cute cover is hiding some steamy scenes and I couldn’t get enough!

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one last gift

One Last Gift

by Emily Stone

Emily Stone is going to become the master of handling grief and loss while still managing to leave her readers with that uplifting spirit we love from these types of books. When Cassie’s brother leaves her clues for one final Christmas scavenger hunt, she’s not even sure she can get through it without him. 

As she finds the courage to go on this epic journey he’s created, she rediscovers lost love, establishes new connections with old friends, and discovers a meaningful life that she thought was hopeless.

I was impressed with how well she handles tough topics set against a cheery holiday backdrop.

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christmas clash

The Christmas Clash

by Suzanne Park

Millennials will love this enemies to lovers YA novel that revisits all the time we spent at malls as teenagers!! Chloe and Peter are sworn enemies who’s families own competing restaurants in the mall food court. When they each end up with seasonal jobs….right across from each other, they are determined to continue their feud.

An unexpected turn of events changes everything when their families are both served eviction notices. So, Chloe and Peter must decide if they can put aside their hatred to save their businesses. 

This is a perfect sweet YA romance with the added nostalgia that my generation will adore! I enjoyed it from start to finish and was rooting for Chloe in everything she pursued!

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so this is christmas

So This Is Christmas

by Jenny Holiday

Admittedly, I had NO idea this was technically the third book is Jenny Holiday’s holiday series when I read it. So you can absolutely read it as a standalone! Or, if you loved A Princess for Christmas and Duke, Actually then you’ll find some familiar faces within.

Jenny might be my new favorite Christmas romance author! This book is another hit, full of charm and great characters. It focuses on a consultant sent to Eldovia to help keep the country from financial ruin. Her all-business attitude immediately clashes with the king’s closest advisor. 

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Save this collection of new Christmas books of 2022 for later!



key to my heart

The Key To My Heart

by Lia Louis

Two years after her new husband died, Natalie still feels adrift and unable to deal with the harsh reality she’s been dealt. Her lifelong love of music has also abandoned her, except when she plays anonymously at the public piano in her train station. 

It’s only when someone starts mysteriously leaving the sheet music for her husband’s favorite songs that she feels the spark of life. She begins unraveling the mystery and discovers love may not have left her forever after all.

I can’t wait to see how Lia Louis weave a heartbreaking beginning into a story full of hope!

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all I want for christmas

All I Want For Christmas

by Maggie Knox

Two musicians forced together to help their careers find themselves both at odds and intensely attracted to each other. What starts off as a stint on a reality singing show turns into a fake relationship for Sadie and Max. Sadie deeply dislikes Max based on a rude encounter when she was just starting out, so she very reluctantly agrees. Max meanwhile doesn’t want to be saddled with someone who clearly can’t stand him. He’s got enough of his own demons to deal with her.

Everything changes after a snowy trip north though. When they can get away from the fame and attention, they discover something meaningful. Will this tender spark survive the brutal Nashville reality, though?

This was a cute story, but I didn’t ever connect deeply with the characters. There were some cliches that took me too far out of the story and the supposed “spark” between Sadie and Max wasn’t entirely believable. I didn’t find myself rooting for them like I have other couples in romance books! 





love always christmas

Love Always, Christmas

by Karen Schaler

The writer of The Christmas Prince series on Netflix is back for her second holiday novel! Included this year on the new Christmas books of 2022 list is Love Always, Christmas. 

An adventure unfolds when Libby receives an unexpected Christmas card, addressed to her mom twenty years ago. The trail leads to a charming small town, where she ends up partaking in all of their quirky Christmas traditions. Naturally, one of the handsome residents ends up tagging along to help her track down her family history as well!

Honestly, this sounds like pure Hallmark movie in book form! I just love knowing what to expect and can’t wait to get lost in this new Christmas books of 2022 option!

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mean one

You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince

by Timothy Janovsky

I absolutely adore the title of this new Christmas romance books of 2022!! You just know it’s going to be an enemies to lovers delight with a holiday twist.

Oh, the spoiled celebrities are the most fun to watch turn into piles of mush! Matthew Prince is just that, a rich kid who’s used to the spotlight. His latest shenanigans have landed him in his grandparent’s small town to lay low, though. This overly festive place is his worst nightmare, especially Hector.

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very merry bromance

A Very Merry Bromance

by Lyssa Kay Adams

This series is immensely entertaining so I was thrilled to find out there’d be a Christmas addition! This time around the Bromance Book Club is supporting their boy, Colton as he gets back out there a year after Gretchen left him. He’s not ready to let her go. When he finds out she needs a favor, he gets her to agree to 3 Christmas dates in return.

Will the power of the boys in the book club be enough to help Colton win back his love? If anything magical can happen, the holidays is the perfect time for it! I can’t wait to see what these guys cook up.

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just like magic

Just Like Magic

by Sarah Hogle

. Here me out, I promise this is on the right list of new Christmas books of 2022 and not Halloween ones! It’s got A Christmas Carol vibes, so you will find a “spirit” here, but the story is worth a shot!

Just like Scrooge, Betty is a selfish, wealthy person who thinks highly of herself and will do anything for her lavish lifestyle. Until she loses all her money and is forced to fake luxury on her social media sites. Just before Christmas, Betty accidentally conjures up a holiday spirit, who will help make her holiday wishes come true!

As unlimited wishes lose their luster, though, she becomes more focused on the handsome and sweet ghost helping her than trying to make herself satisfied. Hopefully, this ending will turn the Scrooge into a sweetheart too!

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once upon a december

Once Upon A December

by Amy Reichart

. I am so enthralled by this cover that I want to use it front and center in my house decorations this Christmas! It’s the quintessential book cover for these new Christmas books of 2022! Cheery, colorful, and charming!

Invest a little magic into the season with this novel! The owner of a bakery at the Milwaukee Christmas market catches the eye of recently divorced woman who’s ready to start truly enjoying her freedom. From Jack’s standpoint though, his shop magically jumps to a new December every four weeks, so his time here is short lived.

These two must figure out whether their sparkling connection can survive outside of the magical holiday season.

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Which of these new Christmas books of 2022 will you be picking up first?


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