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22 New Christmas Books of 2023 To Warm Your Heart

The ultimate collection of the best new Christmas books of 2023!

This book list of my most anticipated new Christmas books of 2023 is one of my favorite posts to write each year!

You’ll find primarily Christmas themed books, but also a few that are simply set during this time of year. So, you can take your pick and discover one (or two or ten!) that are perfect for you!

There is a variety of spice levels in these new Christmas books of 2023, so you can choose the right book for you. The ones with little to no steamy scenes are listed first and the spiciest books are listed at the end!

Enjoy this collection of new Christmas books of 2023!

*Disclosure – I earn a small commission for any new Christmas books of 2023 purchased through the links below. Thank you for supporting this book blog!


Sweet New Christmas Books of 2023


snow place

Snow Place Like Home

by Lacey Baker

I couldn’t resist including this small town novel first on my list of the new Christmas books of 2023 because it takes place in my own state, Pennsylvania! Ella has been avoiding her hometown for years because it seems to be jinxed this time of year. But she’s back…and somehow finds herself helping plan the annual Christmas tree auction beside her first love.

The two don’t exactly see eye to eye on how to handle the event, but they manage to compromise with a special deal. Ella can make it flashier if Seth is allowed to show her why this event and town are so important to him. A heartfelt Christmas romance in the making!  Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target




every day is christmas

Every Day Is Christmas

by Karen Schaler

Karen Schaler is best known for her Netflix hit, A Christmas Prince. I fell in love with her writing that way, so I’ve been devouring her books each year too!

A unique take on the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, features Alexis as a workaholic money manager who needs a dose of festive perspective. Her past, present, and future collide in an unexpected way and she’s forced to start choosing her heart over her head.  Buy On Amazon | Buy At Target




christmas at shelter inn

Christmas At The Shelter Inn

by RaeAnne Thayne

I wish I could just jump straight into the cover of this book! When she turned 18, Natalie couldn’t leave her family’s inn fast enough. She wasn’t planning to ever return, but a plea for help from her sister has her not only taking over care of her two nieces, but also keeping the inn afloat.

To make things worse (or maybe better?), she keeps running into her brother’s best friend. Everyone in town wants Griff and Nat to have a fresh start, but there are secrets he’s keeping and a life elsewhere pulling her back. Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target






jack frost

Jack Frost

by Debbie Macomber

If you want a dose of holiday cheer without a big commitment, Debbie Macomber’s latest is just a novella! An unexpected disaster at the end of an office Christmas party gives two coworkers a chance to get to know each other.

Lindsay dedicates her time to planning a spectacular office party since her family will be out of town and it goes off without a hitch, despite her coworker Jack’s complaints. She’s used to him keeping to himself, but this time of year he seems to get especially grinch-like.

At the end of the party, Lindsay and Jack are the only ones left when the power goes out and they end up locked in together. With nothing else to do, they start talking and discover much more about each other…and a mutual attraction than they ever expected!  Buy On Amazon 




bright lights

Bright Lights, Big Christmas

by Mary Kay Andrews

Up next on this new Christmas books of 2023 list is another longstanding, sweet romance writer! This year she’s writing about a country girl’s foray into NYC for the season. Kerry and her brother are spending the holiday season in NYC to sell trees from their family farm.

While there, they bond with the unique neighbors on their block and Kerry gets involved in both investigating a mysterious disappearance and spending too much time with a local single dad and his adorable son. This was only ever supposed to be a short term deal, so what will she do when it’s time to head home… Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target






highland lodge

The Highland Lodge Getaway

by Julie Shackman

Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in the Highlands of Scotland!? Curl up with this cozy romance and get lost in a faraway small town. After her job at the local Christmas shop is pulled from under her, Lottie has no idea what she’ll do next. Until an opportunity arises to manage the new luxury cabins opening nearby. 

When Blake arrives and throws a damper on her cheery mood, Lottie knows she can open his mind to the holiday spirit. He presents the best kind of challenge and Lottie will do anything it takes to thaw his frozen heart. At only $2.99, this is a quick shot of delight for less than a cup of coffee!  Buy On Amazon 





Midnight At The Christmas Bookshop

by Jenny Colgan

When a studio offers to pay a sizeable sum to use McCredie’s bookshop as a filming location for a holiday rom-com, Carmen can’t turn down the money…even if it means Christmas takes over in July. After filming wraps, Carmen can finally dedicate time and money to creating new displays and revamping the shop.

When the real Christmas approaches, Carmen isn’t in the most cheerful of moods due to a breakup, but new possibilities for both herself and the bookshop are right around the corner. 

Jenny Colgan is undeniably one of my favorite romance authors, so I’m incredibly excited to give this a read!! Buy On Amazon | Buy At Target




love holly

Love, Holly

by Emily Stone

No one does holiday hope tinged with a side of grief like Emily Stone. Her stories always have a significant amount of depth, since her characters are typically finding new purpose and hope after some sort of loss. This may sound heavy for this list of new Christmas books of 2023 but I promise you’ll be uplifted by her stories!

For years Holly has been part of a lonely hearts letter writing club to help deal with her grief. The letters are anonymous, but this year Holly recognizes something in the one she receives. She becomes determined to reunite the elderly woman with her estranged grandson and hunts down Jack herself. 

Unexpectedly, when she meets Jack in person she realizes she’s seen him before – and there was all sorts of sparks flying. Their circumstances aren’t ideal for romance, but Holly hopes she can fix Jack’s family as well as her own along the way.  Buy On Amazon | Buy At Target




More New Christmas Books of 2023


holiday mix up

The Holiday Mix-Up

by Ginny Baird

A fake dating scheme goes all sorts of haywire when the guy ends up in a coma! Katie has had a crush on one of her frequent customers at the diner for ages so she jumps at the chance to spend time with him when he asks her to be his fake date for the holidays. Until an accident lands him in a coma and Katie left surrounded by his family…

Their welcoming nature has her happily committed to the act, even when issues with the family winery arrive. Juan had grand plans to revamp the place, but his brother Mateo isn’t convinced that’s the right path. As Mateo spends more time with Katie and she starts to see his wisdom, she’s left wondering which brother is actually right for her… Buy On Amazon | Buy On Bookshop.org





faking christmas

Faking Christmas

by Kerry Winfrey

This is the first of two beloved authors on this list of new Christmas books of 2023 that is trying her hand at a Christmas romance! A little white lie to her boss turns into a big problem when social media manager Laurel pretends to have experience running a farm. 

Her sister is the true farming guru but Laurel will have to fake her way through it to keep her job. When one dinner turns into a snowed in long weekend, things get crazy fast! On top of it all, her childhood nemesis was the only one available to pose as her fake husband. Shenanigans and sparks ensue! Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target




a winter in new york

A Winter In New York

by Josie Silver

Get ready for a foodie’s delight! This new Christmas books of 2023 option features a chef in NYC! A chance meeting at a gelato shop that looks shockingly like one in Iris’ mother’s old photos leads her to help them out with a family recipe. She quickly discovers though that the handsome Gio’s family recipe is the same as her own…

Without knowing why Gio’s uncle gave his secret family recipe to her mom, Iris decides to keep the connection a secret. Instead, she relishes the growing relationship with Gio and his big, loving family. Secrets have a way of being exposed though and Iris suddenly finds everything she’s built in NYC at risk. Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target





emergency contact

Emergency Contact

by Lauren Layne & Anthony LeDonne

I can’t get over the fact that Lauren and her husband wrote this together! How adorable is that?

A series of travel mishaps leave Katherine alone with her ex-husband over the course of a journey that keeps forcing them to spend more time together than they ever wanted to again. Tom is on his way to propose to his new girlfriend, but the forced proximity trope is known to work wonders on even the most seemingly hopeless of relationships!! Buy On Amazon 



three holidays

Three Holidays and a Wedding

by Uzma Jalaluddin & Marissa Stapley

Have you ever been on a plane and got caught up in unexpected turbulence and felt all your deepest secrets work their way to the tip of your tongue? That happened to strangers Maryam and Anna who confessed their hopes and fears to each other on a flight to Toronto. Little did Maryam know, the subject of one of those stories, her crush Saif, was sitting two rows behind her and heard everything…

After landing, Maryam and Anna find themselves thrown together once again when they’re snowed in at a local inn. Over the course of a few days, romance blooms for both women and they find a new lifelong friendship! Buy On Amazon 




lillie vale

Wrapped With A Beau

by Lillie Vale

This might be my favorite cutesy title on this list of new Christmas books of 2023 haha! I can’t deny I just adore the play on words and in your face spirited titles of Christmas romances! This also wins bonus points for being set in my home state of Pennsylvania!

This will charm my fellow fans of cheesy holiday movies! Piney Peaks was the filming location of a beloved Christmas movie decades ago and Elisha is determined to put her town back on the map when the sequel is set to film there. Included in the deal is the iconic Christmas house, but Elisha didn’t exactly get permission to film there. She’ll have to win over the grouchy new owner…  Buy On Amazon 




along came holly

Along Came Holly

by Codi Hall

A classic dose of holiday cheer vs the Grinch! Get ready for all the Christmas cheesiness in this sweet story. Holly is the jolliest shop owner in town, but she needs the help of next door neighbor and renowned grinch, Declan, for her lights display.

It’s the absolute last thing Declan wants to do but he can’t turn down the money. Plus, when his decorating starts being sabotaged, Declan finds himself getting all sorts of protective of Holly and her goals. Buy On Amazon 




christmas wager

The Christmas Wager

by Holly Cassidy

An easy 5 star recommendation from me! I got the chance to read this early and finished it in two days in September because I loved it so much! A real estate developer is given a supposedly simple assignment to secure a deal for the sale of a failing shop in small town, Maple Falls. Negotiations quickly take a turn for the crazy when she goes up against the owner’s grandson and finds herself agreeing to a bet over the deal terms.

Maple Falls Holiday Games are an annual tradition and Bella is the newest participant. If her team wins, she’ll be able to buy the shop for a steal. As the days progress though, Bella starts to lose her cutthroat drive and finds herself falling for not only the town, but the grandson…  Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target





almost like being in love

Almost Like Being In Love

by Sariah Wilson

I’ve read so many of Sariah’s books on Kindle Unlimited, so her newest holiday novel is sure to be another hit! Plus, it’s got a dose of Outlander-ish magic that will have you swooning!

Maren is on the trip of a lifetime, honoring her late mother’s wish for her to experience the Scottish highlands when she gets caught in a nasty blizzard….only to be rescued by a Scottish laird from the 17th century and taken back to his actual castle!?

Highglen is a magically place to ride out the storm and she quickly gets caught up in the spirit…and arms of her rescuer. Will this magical moment last forever though or will she be pulled back to reality once the storm passes? Free With Kindle Unlimited




tis the damn season

Tis The Damn Season

by Kimi Freeman

A romance book based on a Taylor Swift song?? Sign me up! Kimi is publishing her first novel at only 16 years old!! I’m insanely impressed with that accomplishment but also note that this isn’t quite as polished writing as you might expect from a more seasoned author.

Still, Taylor Swift fans will love the plethora of references and love story based on the song of the same name! I wanted to include this on my new Christmas books of 2023 to support a young author! Buy On Amazon




Spicier New Christmas Books of 2023


time to shine

Time To Shine

by Rachel Reid

Opposites attract in Rachel Reid’s latest hockey romance! Landon was just called up from Calgary’s farm team and is known to keep to himself, but the young superstar Casey doesn’t seem to care. Casey immediately befriends Landon despite his “don’t bother me” vibes and comes to his rescue when Landon needs a place to live. 

Spending time together as roommates in the leadup to the holidays has Landon noticing more and more things about Casey that he likes. These two are just the cutest together, but the time is ticking before Landon could get sent back down to the minors…

If you can’t get enough hockey players, be sure to check out my full list of hockey romance books!

 Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target




wreck the halls

Wreck The Halls

by Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is a queen of steam, infusing her romance novels with equal parts humor, banter, and spice! I cannot get enough of her writing, so you know I was extra excited about this addition to my new Christmas books of 2023 collection!

Two children of music royalty are all grown up now and asked to get their mother’s back together for an epic reunion. Melody has enjoyed her quiet life out of the spotlight but she’s actually a tiny bit excited to shake things up a bit. Beat meanwhile lives for the attention, but these polar opposites immediately hit it off now that they’re all grown up. As they navigate film crews, masses of fans, and their mothers, Beat and Mel also enjoy the heat lighting up between them! Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target





holly jolly ever after

A Holly Jolly Ever After

by Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone

This is one of my most anticipated spicy books overall, so it’s perfect for my new Christmas books of 2023 list! These two authors knocked it out of the park with their steamy holiday romance last year, so I’m just as excited for this one!

A holiday movie set takes center stage again, but this time it’s got a lot more sex! The two co-stars are a former boy band member and a former child actress who’s perfect life suddenly falls apart. Both are a little hesitant about filming the graphic scenes, so they agree to a little practice behind closed doors first…

Kallum and Winnie’s history comes flooding to the surface and what used to be a teenage crush turns into a much more serious adult relationship possibility! Buy On Amazon | Buy From Target


Which of these new Christmas books of 2023 are you planning to read first? Did you find any new Christmas books of 2023 to add to your TBR?

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  1. I really like Lady Cavendish’s Christmas Caper! I think it would be a great addition to your already stellar list. Have you read Camille Cabrera before?

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