What I’m Loving Lately – October 2019

The holidays are just around the corner, but before I get too excited, let’s recap October! Thank goodness for our Google calendar because I tend to forget what went on. I’ll admit it felt like a busy month, but we didn’t actually do all that much? Jay was traveling a few days for work, so that always makes a week seem stressful. Other than that it was pretty low key.

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TV Shows / Movies

Outlander – A coworker let me know that the first two seasons of Outlander are on Netflix!!! Most of my free time (after blogging and reading) is now spent enthralled with the Scottish accents. I watched part of the first season before, but I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing.



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Seasonal Blog Updates – I’m getting ready for the holidays by updating all of my gift guides and seasonal posts! I finally put together a specific Gift Guides & Seasonal Lists page to collect them all in one spot too. Let me know what you think!

Wine Tasting – The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail’s annual Chambourcin weekend fell in October, so we visited two local wineries to do tastings. They always feature a special food pairing with the Chambourcin, so we also tried mushroom soup and a soft pretzel.

Church Bazaar – My church’s holiday bazaar is always the first Saturday in November. I help run the used book section, so I spent the week before setting up tables and organizing books. The one major benefit is selecting books before they go on sale to the public 🙂

Trick or Treat – Our little guy was napping during our trick or treat hours, so we stayed at home to hand out candy. Jay bought 450 pieces in anticipation and our total count was: 1 trick or treater. So, there are now 448 pieces of candy in the house…


What I’m Loving

Mini Humidifier – As soon as we turn our pellet stove on, the humidifiers come out! We keep one of these small humidifiers in our bedroom and Connor’s room to help combat the dry air.

Tea Tumbler – I drink tea every day at work, but can’t stand when it gets too cold. These tumblers are a huge help for keeping my drink hot even if I get distracted or pulled into a meeting.

Oversize Blanket – Now that temperatures are dropping, I’m all about being covered head to toe in blankets. I even prefer continuing to wear my usual uniform of shorts and a tank top, just with an extra large blanket over top!

Favorite Blog Posts from October

Unique White Elephant Gift Ideas – Office holiday parties and secret santa gift exchanges are coming up! I always have trouble deciding what to buy, so these 25 ideas in different price ranges might help!

Mini Reviews of Recent Reads – This post features a few books I absolutely loved!


What were your highlights of October?

Here’s what I was loving in September!



  1. Enjoy the church bazaar. I’ve never been in charge of a book stall but can just imagine how much fun it must be (not to mention doing some pre-sale shopping and getting first choice of your favourite books)!

  2. Ooh I would love being in charge of the books section – both the organizing and the getting first pick. And now I want to know what you came home with! Also whoops on the Halloween buying. It took me a few years to learn my lesson, but now I buy a lot less to avoid that temptation of leftovers. Or I buy the fruity stuff, which I won’t really touch if it’s sitting around, unlike chocolate… Ha!

  3. i’ve watched the first season of outlander like 5 times lol. i haven’t gone past that because i haven’t read the corresponding books, which i’ve been meaning to do for like… 5 years lol. that’s so awesome you got to get some books before they went on sale to everyone else!

  4. The church book sale would be dangerous territory for me right now…. I volunteer at a historic home which has a large used book store so its very very tempting. I take in books I no longer want but have to try really hard not to come away with an even larger pile

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